Top Ten Roman Catholic Evangelism Books

Since there is so much confusion about Roman Catholicism, many faithful men have stood up and provided helpful tools to equip the Church in reaching Catholics. The more you understand Roman Catholicism the easier it will be to explain the Gospel with clarity. I have been helped by all these books and heartily recommend them to you.

1 – Are we Together? – R.C. Sproul

“This book is not what you might assume: a rehearsal of slogans. Rather, it is an intelligent and engaging primer for Protestants and Roman Catholics alike about what Rome actually teaches and what are the profound issues that continue to separate confessional, evangelical Protestants from the Roman communion. This is a book that Protestants should give to their Roman Catholic neighbors and that Protestant pastors (after reading it) should give to their members. It is also a book that more than a few theologians and historians should read before the next round of ecumenical discussions and documents.” ~ R. Scott Clark

2 – Evangelicalism Divided – Iain Murray

Iain Murray’s historical overview of the fortunes and misfortunes of evangelical Christianity, especially in England, between 1950 and the century’s end-time, will stir up both an approving and a dissenting readership. But no one can contend that it ignores some of the most vital theological issues of the time and the conflicts surrounding them. The narrative is well documented, and it details not only conflicts of perspective but inconsistencies and alterations of views by some of the leading participants in the events of the day. The names best known to Americans – Billy Graham, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, James Packer, John Stott among them – are evaluated, commended and critiqued as contributory to the present-day evangelical outlook and predicament. – Carl F.H. Henry

3 – Reasoning From the Scripture with Catholics – Ron Rhodes

Popular author and Bible teacher Ron Rhodes serves up the third offering in his “reasoning from the Scriptures” series with his latest work, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics. As with his previous two volumes (Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons), Rhodes again provides his readers with yet another wealth of solid information and helpful insight for sharing the Gospel. The book is advertised as “a step-by-step guide to sharing the Good News with Catholics” and Rhodes himself states in the preface that “this book contains strong biblical arguments against a variety of Roman Catholic doctrines.” The book delivers on both promises. – Personal Freedom Outreach journal

4 – 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Catholic – Ron Rhodes

Fact-filled, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing, this series delivers the essential knowledge you need to know to effectively witness biblical truths to people led astray by false teachings. – Harvest House Publishers

5 – Preparing for Eternity – Mike Gendron

“Carefully and convincingly, this helpful book demonstrates that the “gospel” taught in Roman Catholicism is not the gospel found in the Bible. I heartily recommend Mike Gendron’s work.” – John Macarthur

6 – The Gospel according to Rome – James Mccarthy

“This book is a MUST for ALL Christians and Catholics.  Bro. Jim takes you through the life of a Catholic and shows you all that they must do from Birth to Death in order to hope that they will be good enough to enter heaven.  He compares the New Catechism and Catholic Tradition with the Sacred Scriptures and shows how the Catholic Church teaches contrary to the written word of God.  This book needs to be in every Christian’s library.” – J. D. Smith

7 – Standing Room Only – Philip De Courcy

“In Standing Room Only, Philip De Courcy takes his stand for the gospel alongside faithful men of all ages. Drawing from many sources, including the recent Catechism of the Catholic Church, the author shows how the Roman Catholic Church has departed from biblical truth. The product of De Courcy’s extensive teaching and preaching ministry, the reader will find in this book a passionate and compelling argument. in an age of ecumenism and apostasy, it will prove to be a valuable resource for any Christian who has a love for the truth.” James G. McCarthy –  author of The Gospel According to Rome

8 – The Roman Catholic Controversy – James White

“White’s level of expertise in understanding Catholic doctrine, honed through much reading and through many formal debates, combined with his expert handling of Scripture, make this a must-read for anyone concerned with the softening of biblical distinctives and the confluence of Protestant and Roman doctrine.” ~ Tim Challies.

9 – On The Edge Of Apostasy – Robert Zins

“In on the Edge of Apostasy, Robert M. Zins holds these prodigals to the fire of the Scriptures. This book is an in-depth analysis of the puzzling new wave of modern ecumenism and how it is filtering from the seminaries to the pews. On the Edge of Apostasy is a clear warning to those who have wandered dangerously close to the edge.” ~ White Horse Publications

10 – The Unquenchable Flame – Michael Reeves

“Michael Reeves’ book is a thoughtful, concise, and clear account of the major events, people, and ideas that shaped the Reformation. With theological sensitivity and historical acumen, Reeves explains why the Reformation happened. And at a time when many are declaring that the Reformation is over and that its concerns no longer apply, Reeves gives a charitable and thoughtful explanation of why it is still important for Christians today and what difference it should make.” ~ Carl Trueman

What did we miss? Please add a book you found helpful on this topic in the comments.

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