The Impact of the Foundry Bible Immersion 2015

The Impact of the Foundry Bible Immersion 2015

The Foundry Bible Immersion has come and gone! Less than a year ago we sent out a call, was there anyone crazy enough to move to Washington D.C. for 10 weeks to read the entire Bible, do tons of evangelism and learn theology, missions, Bible survey and more in the classroom. Well 6 students decided to take us up on it. Here is the impact God had in their lives through the program, in their own words!

Abby Breyer – Arizona

imageI have two words for the 10 weeks I spent at The Foundry Bible Immersion: LIFE CHANGING!! People ask me what the biggest take away is, honestly, ALL of it was so impactful. It is very difficult to say something short about this program because God did many incredible things.  God showed me His sovereignty on a whole new level, He showed me this through reading the Bible at the pace we did, through the teachings, through evangelism, through the daily routine I had with the other students, He continually showed me that He is in control always, that what man means for evil God uses it for good. I got to see how great our awesome God is in the smallest of things and in the biggest of thing on this trip. A verse that is applicable for what I experienced and need to continue applying everyday is “He must increase, but I must decrease” – John 3:30. That is something I learned continually, I must be humble at the feet of Jesus so God will increase and get the glory, so I may see His sovereignty over everything! Through the 10 weeks I was super encouraged and spurred on to do missions even more than ever before, I have a stronger passion and love to serve Jesus and I love Him and understand God’s Word more because of this trip. Unforgettable and forever changed because of this program. Thanks and praise be to God for His faithfulness.

Melinda Muller – New Jersey

imageThe Bible Immersion program has been a blessing in my life. For the past 10 weeks, I was able to study under the teaching of godly men and alongside godly peers.  They have taught me what it means to love Christ, to walk in wisdom, and to study the Bible.  Their passion for truth and love for God have been an encouragement and challenge for me to live more purposefully and use the talents that God has given me for His kingdom.  From coming alongside Jordan in Evangelism on college campuses to thought-provoking devotionals in the morning, each moment has taught me to rely of God for everything.  My life, my joy, and my peace.  Christ is all I need, and He has provided all I need for life and godliness.  I thank God for providing this opportunity for me to learn and grow.  Thank you also to all the people involved in making this possible, and most especially for all the prayers on behalf of teachers, the students, and the hosts.

Heather Parshley – Virginia

Heather ParshleyThe Foundry Bible Immersion has been one awesome experience.  I made some warm friendships in these last ten weeks.  This is a great group; we’ve laughed, played games, read the Word, and prayed together.  If the Bible is an ocean, we were crossing it on a speedboat at full throttle.  This overview of Scripture showed me how the Bible’s various narratives fit together and point at Jesus.  I learned a lot from the great men who taught our classes and led our devotions.  They dug deeply into the Word and give useful practical applications for how to live the Christian life.  If you want to have fellowship, learn more about the Bible, and draw closer to the Lord, sign up next year!

Micah Schuler – Arizona

micahAfter going through the Foundry Bible Immersion program, I have learned so many things, but there are a few that stick out. 1. There is a reason for evil. Basically, evil proves there is a God: if there is evil, there is good; if there is good, there is a definition of good and evil; if there is a definition; there has to be someone to make that definition; in order for the Definer to have any power, He had to be before and create everything. 2. When things go “wrong” we don’t have to freak out, because God is in total control. In the little things, in the big events, in the hard times, and in the good moments, God is sovereign over all things. I am very grateful to all the pastors and elders at Immanuel Bible Church for their time and effort to teach us and lead us in the pursuit of Christ likeness. If I able to, I would return and do it all over again, but I don’t think Jordan would let me!

Sarah Schuler – Arizona

imageThe Foundry Bible Immersion was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. The Lord used that time away from the comfort of home for me in a few ways. Firstly, He grew me in my love for people, both the “Fab 6”, and Immanuel Bible Church as a whole. It was awesome to see the Body of Christ in Virginia working the same way as it does in Arizona, loving me, caring about who I am as a person, and pouring into me truths about our King. Second, Jesus grew me in my desire to love Him and pray to Him more. God has been working on my prayer life for a while, and during this 10 weeks, gave me some tools and even more of a push to actually seek Him daily. Finally, He grew me in my knowledge of His Word. After reading through it in its entirety, as well as hours upon hours of class time led by faithful men in studying the Scriptures, I feel like I have a great foundational knowledge of God and His Words to man about how to live. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended this intense program, and am super excited to continue living out the things we’ve been taught. Praise the Lord for all that He did and will continue doing through the Foundry Bible Immersion 2015!

Elijah Valdez – Washington

imageThe biggest takeaway I got out of the Bible Immersion Program was Evangelism. I learned so much about Evangelism and how to present it to unbelievers. I learned how to ask someone if they knew Jesus and if they believed in Him. Seeing if the person knows the gospel or even knows what it is. Also just learning how to tell the gospel in a clear way. I always knew the gospel, but I was never actually told to go out and tell the gospel to someone. I’m really glad that I was able to learn a lot about how to become a better evangelist and tell people about Christ. I hope to take what I have learned about evangelism and use it in my daily life and to also encourage others to preach the gospel too!!


Immanuel Bible Church is a pretty special place, the Lord has really blessed the church with many people who are eager to serve and eager to see young people be on fire for God, thank you to all who helped make this happen. It is looking like we will be having another Foundry Bible Immersion next fall (September 12-November 18, 2016), there is already much interest so I would get the application in as quickly as possible. You can find out more at