The Cripplegate Top 10 Posts of the Year

We at The Cripplegate want to thank our subscribers and readers. In every category (readers, subscribers, blog traffic) this was by far our best year yet. Our blog exists as an attempt to capture the spirit of the “morning exercises” at the original Cripplegate, and pass it along to a new generation of non-conformists. Thank you for being a part of it.

Here are our most read posts of 2015. Six of them were not even originally posted this year, but apparently they have remained helpful to people months (and years) after they were written. This list was tabulated by unique IP addresses to view a post in this past calendar year:

010Is it true that Jesus never addressed homosexuality? In light of the US Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex “marriage,” Mike’s post from 2012 proved relevant this year.  It was the most searched for post on our blog, and has been read over 50k times.

009Why Evangelicals and Catholics cannot be together. Jordan was raised in Italy as an evangelical, and had no idea about the confusion evident in the American evangelicalism concerning the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Here he blogged about his shock when he came to the United States and learned about the Evangelicals and Catholics Together movement.

008Farewell, NIV. Jesse wrote this post in 2013 to explain why several ministries (such as Christian schools, AWANA, etc.) were moving away from the NIV. Apparently more and more people have been asking that question, as this post had as many readers this year as it did the year it was first published. A side note: publishers guard their actual sales numbers very closely, making it almost impossible to figure out how much the NIV’s sales have fallen since 2013.

007John Wesley’s Failed Marriage. This post was also from 2013, but was picked up by a few other sources this year. In it, Nate describes how John Wesley failed in leading his wife spiritually. It reminds us, “You can lose your ministry and keep your marriage, but you cannot lose your marriage and keep your ministry.” This post had more readers this year than it did in the year it was first published.

006Shellfish, Mixed Fabrics, and Homosexuality: Picking and Choosing? Back in 2012, many people were arguing that the Bible condemns homosexuality in the same way it forbids eating shellfish or wearing mixed fabric. The logic was that if we eat shrimp, we may as well be ok with gay marriage. Mike patiently explains why that argument is based on a wrong understanding of scripture.

005 So who exactly IS the mainstream of the charismatic movement? A common response to any critique of the charismatic movement is to point at more “responsible charismatics” (such as Piper, Acts 29, etc) as evidence that charismania is not as crazy as critics make it out to be. Lyndon decided to check out this theory by seeing who exactly the most popular charismatic Christians are (using Twitter followers as his metric), and then compared them to the more “careful” charismatics. The result is apparently an entertaining read, as this post has now been read 46k times.


Ten Lessons from the Tullian Tchividjian Confession. For years, many pastors had been warning their people that Tullian’s approach to sanctification was problematic and would likely lead people away from godliness, not towards it. So this year, when Tullian resigned his ministry amidst marriage unfaithfulness, Jordan cautioned us against saying “I told you so.” The real lessons are internal, Jordan wrote, and if we heed them God can use Tullian’s fall to further our own sanctification.


Three must have Bible apps. This post from 2012 is technologically dated, but apparently it remains helpful, with 57k visits. In it, Jesse lays out three Bible apps that are helpful if you use your Ipad or smartphone as your Bible.

002Anti-vaxxers and epistemological narcissism. 2015 featured a return of measles to the US, and health officials were quick to blame parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. While conventional wisdom was that these families tended to be more liberal, Jesse writes about the anti-vax trend inside of the church. It apparently struck a nerve, and was our blog’s second-most-read post of the year.

01Swasey’s Last Sermon. One of the people killed by the gunman at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood was a local pastor. Jordan listened to the last sermon he preached at his church, and transcribed portions of it. Swasey concluded with an appeal to follow Christ, because you never know when your life will end.

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How about you? Did you have a favorite post from our blog this year?