Stop Acting Like You Have the Refugee Crisis Figured Out!

Stop Acting Like You Have the Refugee Crisis Figured Out!

Judging from Facebook and Twitter, It seems like everyone has the Refugee crisis figured out. Very few have come up with a balanced and cautious view like this one. It seems like most people including Christians are on either extreme of the pendulum. Some say things like.

You should let everyone in! Jesus wouldn’t deny anyone. Quit being a coward!


You shouldn’t let anyone in! You need to protect America from the terrorist, do you want another Paris?

I think its OK for us to sit down, take a deep breath and actually say “I have no idea what the right thingshut up and pray to do is.”


Our government seemed to possibly make the right call for once, and that is to take a quick pause and say “based on the fact that several people shouting Allahu Akbar just murdered over a hundred French people in public, we need to rethink and make sure we want to take in others who like saying Allahu Akbar a lot.” The dilemma lies in the fact that 25% of muslims in the world (if we believe the lady in this video and just simple math) are actively trying to murder those who are not. That leaves 75% who are probably harmless and whom we (if we have the means) probably should help!

No one person has the right answer yet, and it’s probable that if our government continues down the path that it’s been going that it will make the wrong call, but that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know better than the government that God has sovereignly put into place. So here are my three suggestions on what we should do next regarding the Refugee Crisis.

  • Pray for the government

Pray that our government will do what God has intended it to do, and that is to protect it’s citizens and todc promote freedom. We can get very discouraged with the way that America, and the world is going, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop praying. Let’s pray that God would guide our government to make decisions not based on political gain but rather, to do what God has instituted them to do, and that is to protect its people and to punish evil. Let’s not pridefully assume we understand all the nuances of foreign relations, how to protect citizens spread over 3.8 million square miles, and how to care for starving and dying children, and let’s pray that God would guide those who actually have the authority to make the decisions.

  • Pray for the refugees

Can you imagine having to leave your house, your country and culture because of brutality from your

Refugee Crisis

own countrymen? We must have a level of compassion for these people, and our hearts must break for the evil of sin and its effects. Our hearts should break over the effects of false religion. It should cause us to want to kill sin in our own life and to desire for others to come to know Christ, the only one who can guarantee hope in the midst of a sin infested world. We must ask the Lord for wisdom in knowing how we can help these people, while remembering that their soul is infinitely more valuable than their body.

  • Evangelize everyone

Be ready to share you faith with everyone around you, regardless of color, culture or religion. The Refugee Crisis may bring unforeseen opportunities for evangelism. We don’t know when death is coming for us, and we must do the only thing that we cannot do in heaven. That is to bring the good news to the lost. The disciples, despite the threat of death continued preaching Christ even more boldly than before (Acts 5:40-42). The disciples didn’t know who they were evangelizing. They didn’t size up someone before sharing the gospel with them. Philip didn’t ask himself if the Ethiopian eunuch was dangerous before he shared the gospel with him. Are you going to make sure that someone doesn’t have a bomb strapped to their chest every time before you share the gospel with them? We must get past our fear, and our prejudice and learn to trust in God’s sovereignty. Whatever he allows to pass will be for our good, so we must continue to run the race regardless of how dangerous it might be.  Pray that through all of this that your heart for the lost would only be amplified and that your fear of the Lord would trump any fear of man you may have.


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    Jessica Beran

    I enjoyed your article Jordan. Funny, I came to the same three conclusions, though still couldn’t figure out what the “right thing to do” is…My first thought is of course to accept refugees, but then I ask, do we have an obligation to protect the neighbor right next door to us? And letting in refugees is not a guarantee of something bad happening, but clearly it is a risk. It does humble me to think through these things and cause me to pray!

    • 2
      Jordan Standridge

      Thanks Jessica. It’s such a hard issue and I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision even though like everyone else I highly value my own opinion. I’m glad we know the Lord and can come to him with it.

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