Jacob Hall: A 6 year-old’s last words

Jacob Hall: A 6 year-old’s last words

jacob hall“Jesus loves everyone, even those who do bad things”.

Those were the words of Jacob Hall, a 6 year old from South Carolina, a couple days before he was shot by teenagers while at school. He died a few days later in the hospital.

There isn’t much you can say in moments like these, but I was astonished by how well this church handled it.  These pastors preached the Gospel powerfully and appropriately in this video.

Two highlights from the first sermon were:

“When a husband loses a wife, he is called a widower. When a wife loses a husband, she’s called a widow. When a child loses their parents, they are called orphans, but there isn’t a word to describe a parent who’s lost a child, it just isn’t suppose to happen.”

The Pastor quoted Thomas Watson when he said, “Eternity to the godly is a day that has no sunset; eternity to the wicked is a night that has no sunrise.” He went on to encourage those gathered, pretty powerfully, to think about their eternal destiny.

I would encourage you to watch this funeral, you will cry but I believe that you will be encouraged to think more eternally. Funerals, though they make us uncomfortable, are so important for our spiritual health. Christ encouraged his disciples to continually think eternally, and nothing is more powerful and more likely to produce eternal thinking than a funeral, especially a funeral of such a young child. You will see many superhero’s in it, as the parents wanted to have a joyful service and since Jacob had such an altruistic look on life they wanted him to be honored as a hero.

If Jacob forgave his shooter and desired to point people to Christ then he is as great a hero as you can be on this earth.