Indian Child Welfare Act Strikes Again – Someone Save Lexi

Indian Child Welfare Act Strikes Again – Someone Save Lexi

The Indian child welfare act is being abused, and it’s time for people to do something about it. I get that Native Americans have been discriminated against in ways we will never fully understand but answering to racism with racism only begets more racism.

A young girl named Lexi was taken away from her loving foster family who had been desperately trying to adopt her for two and a half years, once her real father distanced himself from her. She is 1.5% Choctaw Indian which means that the tribe decides where she goes. Instead of doing the right thing and letting her stay with the only mommy and daddy she’s ever known they chose to take her away and give her to a family she knows nothing about and she is not even related to. Supposedly, just so they can make sure that she is taught with Choctaw morals.

Not only is this selfish, arrogant and downright stupid. But ultimately it is evil.

1) It will backfire as Lexi will hate this 1.5% of her that caused her to be separated from her family.

2) Thousands of people will now fight against this racially charged and misused law. And will ultimately have a hard time having any compassion for this group of people. And it’s unfortunate since native Americans have been so mistreated in the past.

3) This situation will only cause the Choctaw tribe to close themselves even further and encourage racism in their own hearts and minds. I mean how racist do you have to be to believe that 1/64th is more important than 63/64?

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