Hey Christian! Please Stop Talking About Gun Control!

Hey Christian! Please Stop Talking About Gun Control!

Hey Christian! Please stop talking about gun-control, just for a second, and think.

At least fourteen people were shot in San Bernardino, Ca. and Terrorism has not been ruled out.

keep-calm-and-close-your-mouthIf your first thought in reading that first line is something like,

“Ha! So much for strict gun control laws! or “I thought California was a liberal state!” then I just have one request, “I beg you please shut up!”.

I don’t care what you have to do, whether it’s take a cold shower, turn off your internet, go on vacation, or whatever it is, please don’t say a word.

14 people just died, and if they didn’t know Christ they are burning in Hell.

Do you realize that? Do you believe that? Sometimes I wonder whether Christians truly believe in Hell.

I understand the frustration. So many liberals are so extreme, they will jump on the chance to blame guns for this issue, yet again. The president will probably use this opportunity to preach his anti-gun sermon again. But we must resist the temptation, we must be patient. Our first thought when someone dies should not be, “Wow I wish this life would be a little better”, or  “wow I wish people that disagree with me would have views that more aligned with my worldview” But rather our thoughts should be with the fact that so many people who were minding their own business just got shot and were instantly judged, and are literally in Heaven or Hell as I type.

I get it, not everything we do in this life can have eternal consequences. When I eat a cheeseburger, brush my teeth, do well at my job, or sleep, I’m probably not making an eternal impact. But I can do all those things to the Glory of God, and I doubt typing sarcastic statements about democrats on Facebook, 30 minutes after a massacre happens in San Bernardino or anywhere for that matter is glorifying to your King. There is a time and place to talk about politics. But I think it’s clear from scripture that God is most glorified when we think eternally. When we stop making such a big deal of this life and start thinking more about Heaven. We must resist the temptation to return evil with evil.

Today’s headline on the New York Daily News is God isn’t fixing this. They jumped on the gun controlopportunity to bash Republican leaders, with one of the most incendiary newspaper covers I’ve ever seen. What are we going to do as Christians, respond with sarcasm about gun control? Stop acting like a Joel Osteen fake-christian always trying to make this life better. Perhaps God wants us all to wake up and start realizing that we aren’t guaranteed safety in this life. That we aren’t guaranteed a government that makes wise decisions. Perhaps God wants our first thought, when we hear about people dying not to be, well I wish democrats weren’t so stupid, but rather to be, 14 people are in eternity right now, I better make sure I know the Lord, and I better share the Gospel with anyone and everyone because we all could literally die at any moment.