Foundry Bible Immersion Week 9 review

By Elijah Valdez and Abby Breyer

The Foundry Bible Immersion is a 10 week course in Washington D.C. where the students read the entire Bible, spend time in the classroom diving deep in theology and practical living, and do loads of evangelism.



This week Jordan led our devotionals on Monday out of Ephesians 5:22-33… I bet you can guess what it was about, YES! Marriage! Jordan did an excellent job of categorizing what relationships look like outside of marriage and then what a relationship is suppose to look like in a marriage. Let me break it down for you. Jordan explained that there are 3 different types of relations with the opposite gender in the Bible:

  1. Neighbor – Christian to a non-Christian.
  2. Friends/Family – Christian to a Christian
  3. Marriage – 1 person 1 marriage 1 lifetime

So now the question is what does this look like for a person thats not married yet? Jordan imagegave us three important questions that we should look for in a future spouse.

  1. Does he/she have the will to love?
  • Now you might be wondering what does that mean. It asks the question of will they love me when I’m not lovable?
  1. Does he/she love the word of God?
  • The man in this position should sanctify the woman through the Word of God.
  • Does the woman strive for holiness?
  1. Does this person strive for personal purity?
  • In Matt 7 we see that we should be caring about our own soul and taking out the plank in our own eye before we can do that in someone else’s life, therefore both imagepeople should be striving for personal purity. Does this person take their own sin seriously?

Ultimately after all of that, as woman we should NEVER replace Jesus with a man on earth. Through relationships Jesus should always be the center and always come first, through a marriage Jesus should always be the foundation and center of marriage, AFTER ALL Jesus is the reason for marriage. What is the purpose of marriage? It is to magnify God’s glory, to reflect what Christ has done for the church. Marriage is ultimately created to advance the gospel and to glorify God as a unit.


Ryan Francis led our devotionals on Tuesday out of Ephesians 6. I love God’s timing, just finished Eph. 5 on Monday and picked up where we left off in Eph.6 with Ryan. We talked about how children are supposed to OBEY and HONOR your parents, and what it looks likeimage in all stages of life.

In Eph 6:1 we see “Children, obey your parents in the Lord”

What does it mean obey your parents “IN” the Lord?

  • It means to honor the Lord BY being obedient to your parents.
  • The Lord will be honored because of the obedience to your parents.

Ryan gave us 3 main ways to HONOR your parents:

  1. Attitude of humility. Proverbs 15:33 – We see that we are to be humble, that honors the Lord and your parents.
  2. Thankful attitude towards my parents. Romans 1:21- we see honoring and thanksgiving go hand in hand. If you are thankful for your parents, it will honor them and the Lord.
  • Forgiving Colossians 3:13 – Forgiving one another as the Lord has forgiven us.

A couple more things Ryan highlighted is that when we honor our parents we are to be imagepatient and when we chose for ourselves to follow the Lord (Pr. 10:1) that’s when our parents are honored most. When we submit to Christ we will follow His commands.


Stephen Procopio led us in devotionals on Wednesday through John 7. We saw that in verse 3, Jesus’ brothers asked him to go into Judea. In verse 6 we see Jesus responds with “My time has not yet come”. This sets the tone for this entire chapter, seeing that Jesus is not there to fulfill man’s desires and plans(timing), but his Father’s plan. When it was Jesus’ time to go into Judea, he explained in verse 16 that what he(Jesus) was teaching was not his own but infact the words of the Father who sent him. Now the question is, why is this passage important in our lives? Verse 18 is very important, “The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood”. This applies to us in a couple different ways:

  1. Do not seek our own glory, but seek to give God the glory.
  2. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us.
  • We need to be submissive to God’s timetable, not our own.

After seeing all this, and much more that I could write about, but the biggest thing that imagestands out the most is that God is in control. Seek HIS will, not our own will.


Alex Harigrove led us in a time of prayer this morning. We did not do a specific devotion because we left early to go to George Mason University, for a Truth Study we are doing.


Dan Crabtree led our devotionals Friday out of John 4, about the Samaritan woman at the well. I really like how Dan explained this passage by looking at it with the lens of worship. Worship is the greatest tool in fighting sin. Again we see from the previous weeks with Dan, that “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him”. What does worship have anything to do with this statement? Well, in fact it has everything to do with it. We know that God has wired us to worship, SO… what are we worshipping? We see that we worship is what we find satisfaction in, whether that may be a friendship, pornography, video games, a job, you name it. Worship takes time. We see that God will only be most glorified when we are fully satisfied in Him. As I said in the beginning of this “worship is the greatest tool for fighting sin”. We need to stand firm in our faith, we need to know that despair is a sin and to rely on our Lord Jesus Christ to fight the battle of sin we face daily.

Reading Time:

For this section I’m just going to give you what our reading assignments were given to usimage every morning after devotionals that we read from 10am-12pm.

Monday: Mark 11 – Luke 6

Tuesday: Luke 7 – 20

Wednesday: Luke 21 – John 11

Thursday: John 12 – Acts 5

Friday: Acts 6-21

Woohoo! It has been so great to finish the gospels, can’t believe we are almost done with our time here.


This week’s teaching was on New Testament Survey taught by the one and only, Alex Hairgrove. For the first day, he introduced us to how the New Testament came about and it’s background. There are 27 books in the N.T and all of it is pointed to Christ. He also introduced us to the gospels: Matthew looks at Jesus through the perspectives of his kingdom; Mark through the perspective of His servanthood; Luke through the perspective of his humanness; John through the perspective of his deity; Acts tells the story of the impact of his life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Alex then talked about how the 21 epistles were written to churches and individuals to explain the significance of the person and work of Jesus Christ and how the N.T. closes with Revelations. After the introduction to the N.T. he gave us a little background about each gospel.

  1. Matthew – To demonstrate that Christ is the King and Messiah of Israel. This gospel quotes more than 60 times from O.T. prophetic passage, emphasizing how Christ is the fulfillment of all those promises. The key verse from this book is Matt. 5:48.
  2. Mark – Mark’s focus is on the deed of Jesus more than His teachings, particularly emphasizing service and sacrifice. Mark omits the lengthy discourses found in the other Gospels, often relating only brief excerpts to give the gist of Jesus’ Mark also omits any account of Jesus’ ancestry and birth, beginning where Jesus’ public ministry began, and with his baptism by John in the wilderness. Key verse(s): Mark 13:33, 10:45.
  • Luke – A main theme in Luke’s gospel is Jesus’ compassion for Gentiles, Samaritans, women, children, tax collectors, sinners, and other regarded as outcasts in Israel. imageEvery time He mentions a tax collector, it is in a positive sense. A couple other recurring themes that form through Luke’s Gospel are: human fear in the presence of God, forgiveness, joy, wonder at the mysteries of divine truth, the role of the Holy Spirit, the temple in Jerusalem, and Jesus’ Luke’s main mission was the saving of sinners. Key verse(s): 19:9-10, 2:52.
  1. John – This overall message of the this Gospel is found in 20:31, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.” This book, therefore, centers on the person and work of Christ. The Gospel focuses on: 1) Jesus as the Word, the Messiah, and Son of God; 2) who brings the gift of salvation to mankind; 3) who either accept or reject the offer. Key Verse(s): 20:30-31.

Tuesday Alex taught about the book of Acts. He explained to us how the structure of Acts is imageseparated into two part: 1-12 (Peter, from Jerusalem); 13-28 (Paul, from Antioch). Acts is not a book of bunch of stuff packed together but a continuous narrative story. Acts is a transitional book and a descriptive book. Acts tell us what happened in the the beginning and what we need to learn from our sinful ways. One of the main passages that Alex told us to remember remember is Acts 17 (Paul and Silas in Bera). Later that night we went to the Drum’s house. It was a lot of fun getting to know them and spend time with them. They were a great couple.

Wednesday Alex was noticing that we need to go faster if he wanted to finish explaining the N.T. to us. So with that, we flew through the books. Today Alex started in Romans and finished with Colossians. For theses books, Alex gave us handouts for each book that would have a basic outline about the book and some fill in the blank parts. Example: Who is the Author; When was this written; What was the Occasion; What’s the purpose of this book; imageWhat’s the Message; What’s the Theme; What’s the Key word. Because we had to go really fast we weren’t able to spend a lot of time on each book, but that was okay. Even though we went through at a quick pace, we learned a lot.

Later that night, we were able to go to the Daniel and Maryn Goods house again. We had gone to their house a few weeks earlier, but I guess they liked us soooo much they wanted to have us over again. 😉 HAHA!! They are a great family to hang out with!!

Thursday Alex sped through 1 Thessalonians, all the way to Philemon. Like I said before, we had to go pretty quickly if we wanted to finish going through the N.T. Even though we sped through the books really quickly, it’s amazing how much you get out of each book with not that much time. You just have to be grateful with the time you got. I have to say though, Alex is a pretty good teacher with the amount of time he’s got.

Friday we went through Hebrews to 3 John. If I were to summarize all of these books together, I would say we talked about having faith in Jesus; suffering for Christ Jesus; obeying God’s truth and knowing what truth means; loving God and the church; abiding in Christ; and walking in Christ. We didn’t quite finish the N.T. (Jude & Revelations), but we’re going finish next week. Overall, I think we all got something out of the N.T. and got aimage broader perspective of who what and why the N.T. was written. We went to the White’s house on Friday and enjoyed a great time of fellowship and fun times of games.

Special Events:

Saturday morning we went the Marine museum with Alex, Stephanie, and Annemarie. We spent most of the day there, we had a great time together. We went back to the Hairgrove’s for a hangout time and dinner with the “fab six”. Afterwards we went to our friends last volleyball game of her career in college at George Mason with Jordan’s whole family. It was all in all a great last Saturday together.

Sunday was full of teachings and saying goodbye to some sweet friends. After Foundry we went to the Streitmater’s house for lunch and a chill time of watching football, ping pong, and fellowship.

Gotta say!!… What a great last weekend we have all spent together as a group! Blessed by the friendships we will forever have. Here we come week 10!!!!!