Foundry Bible Immersion Week 3 Review

195B6837-679F-4D5D-9E44-C4DA35951626by Lexi Russo

“For the Lord sees not as a man sees; man looks on the outward

appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


Because we spent the weekend at the Pinkston lakehouse, we woke up at the crack of dawn in order to make it to Immanuel’s 9:30 church service on time. Pastor Jesse Johnson studied Jude 20-23 and discussed how to combat false teachers in the church. After the main service, we attended the Foundry (young adult) service where we listened to Davide Standridge (Jordan’s dad) speak about Psalm 62. We had lunch with people from the Foundry at “&pizza”, which is basically Chipotle but for pizza. We attended the night service where Pastor Jesse Johnson finished our study on Jude.


Our devotional this morning focused on the Ten Plagues in Exodus. David Jones, the worship leader at Immanuel, taught about how each plague targeted a specific Egyptian god to illustrate God’s power over everything. Then we read Joshua 6-24. After lunch, we started this week’s class on relationships taught by Davide Standridge (Jordan’s dad). Today’s class focused on our relationship with the Word of God, which was a foundation for talking about relationships between girls and guys the rest of the week. We spent the evening at George Mason University evangelizing and participating in the school’s FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).


B6672C38-4933-4D40-A5F4-E915036E3774The boys started their Tuesday bright and early for the men’s study at 6:00. We girls joined them a few hours later for our devotional on the Beatitudes taught by Ryan Francis. Today we focused on “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Our reading for today involved all of Judges, Ruth, and the first six chapters of 1 Samuel. That was a lot of reading for a two hour period! Class time focused on marriage as described in Genesis with Adam and Eve. After class we were able to volunteer at Assist Pregnancy Center directing traffic for their annual banquet fundraiser. Assist is a nonprofit organization that provides care for pregnant women in crisis. They offer ultrasounds, counseling, and overall support for people who are uneasy about the idea of being parents. What is really cool about this organization is that they share the gospel with every client and help them get connected with local churches. The banquet also had leftover plates, so we were allowed to join in on the steak dinner which was awesome.


EDCC2E72-827A-41F5-A0B0-E01B26DF664BToday we finished 1 Samuel before having our devotional with Jordan about the Cessation of God. After lunch we continued our relationship class by learning about the Biblical attributes of a husband. The girls learned who to be looking for in a husband and the boys learned who they ought to be before getting married. After class we evangelized at Northern Virginia Community College. This trip was especially difficult because we saw a lot of hardened hearts to the gospel which challenged our evangelizing skills quite a bit. We then went straight to the Johnson household for dinner. Jesse Johnson is the lead teaching pastor at Immanuel and we were grateful to meet his wife and his three daughters. We had a great time eating dinner, playing games, and simply getting to know the Johnson family!


Our devotional this morning, taught by Alex Hairgrove, focused on the story of David and Bathsheba. We learned from some of the mistakes that David made when he gave into the temptation of sin that we all face. We then read all of 2 Samuel. Our relationships class today focused on the Biblical attributes of a wife. Thursdays are nice because we have a four hour break after class and before bible study. Today we spent this time with a brain break, just talking and hanging out at the Pinkston’s house. At the Foundry Bible Study, we studied the 7 A’s of confession: address, avoid, admit, acknowledge, accept, alter and ask.


Davide Standridge, Jordan’s dad, taught our devotional this morning on Matthew 26:31-35. We studied in depth Peter’s sin in disowning Jesus and how we can learn from his mistake. Afterwards we read 1 Kings 1-6. We finished up our relationships class discussing how to make Godly decisions. Our dinner was at the Parshley’s house which was very fun! It is also worth mentioning that the weather finally cooled down a little bit; we are all feeling ready for fall!


F858C02B-80EE-4ABD-BBF6-CAF70FA1FC6EFREE DAY! Although we are all incredibly eager to continue learning, we would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy our day off. In the morning, the girls went to Old Town Alexandria with our friend from the Foundry Tynisha to explore! We went to the farmers market, ate lunch, and did a little shopping which was a blast. The boys went to the church to work on a super secret project (which was actually just constructing a prop for the church) so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of their morning to share. We spent the evening with the Standridge family eating, talking, and playing with their kids! We also watched an odd movie about marriage and divorce.

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    Love getting these updates, you guys! Tell the Pinkston’s hi from Micah & Sarah in AZ 🙂 So fun that you got to go into Old Town – that was one of the best outings we did in FBI. Try to get to Mount Vernon if you have the time – that was another favorite Saturday!
    Praying for ya’ll as you keep reading through Scripture and soaking it all in 🙂
    ~ Sarah Schuler

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