Foundry Bible Immersion Week 10 Review

Foundry Bible Immersion Week 10 Review

The Foundry Bible Immersion in Washington D.C. is a ten week intensive discipleship school where students from all over America read through the entire Bible, do tons of evangelism, and take classes in theology, missions and Bible Survey. This is the last week’s review.

Written By:

Abby Breyer, Eli Valdez, Heather Parshley, Melinda Muller, Micah Schuler, & Sarah Schuler


This week, we got through John 10 with Stephen.  We’re so encouraged to have listened to that and been under his teaching these past 10 weeks!  John has been a difficult book for me to comprehend, and Stephen made it exciting for me to pick up the book of John and read it!.  Some contexts and Jewish customs have become clearer to me by his exposition of the text! Thanks, Stephen.

Alex led us on Thursday through 2 Timothy 2:1-7, as Paul’s 3 charges to Timothy:

  1. Be strengthened in the Grace of Christ Jesus.

  2. Entrust the things you’ve been taught to faithful men who will continue to

    Foundry Bible Immersion

    Abby got to share in front of the whole Church her experience with The Bible Immersion!

    teach – in other words, don’t be the last link in the chain.  Teach what you’ve been taught.  Pass it on!

  3. Share in Suffering as a soldier, athlete, and farmer – in other words, be steadfast!  Be Focused, Disciplined, and Diligent as followers of Christ.

Thanks, Alex for sharing these truths with us – what a great reminder as we head for home!

Dan Crabtree led us in an incredible devotional on Friday.  He led us in Acts 20 with what a christian life is and should be.  I’ll break it down like he did for us.

  • Verse 18 – LIVE – be part of a community, life with people.

  • Verse 19 – SERVE – serve with humility, and also be a servant leader.

  • Verse 20 – DECLARE – declare what is profitable – truth – God’s word


Micah prayed with someone to receive Christ!

Now this next verse is the focal point of all three of these above things and why we do the above things.

  • Verse 21 – TESTIFY – gospel – faith in Jesus Christ – don’t stop sharing the truth.

Because we have salvation in Jesus Christ, we need to be always testifying to share the gospel through living, serving, and declaring.  We see in verse 24 that it’s because of Jesus we testify even if it means suffering.  Testifying to the gospel is the reason to keep going.

We see that we will be more blessed to give than to receive.  These 4 above applications to live a Christian life is all for God’s glory.  Where my treasure there my heart will be also, so we are left with a question, where is your heart?  God’s word or my fleshly desires that robs God of His glory?

What an amazing way to end.  Well done Dan, we were very blessed and encouraged by what you shared out of God’s word.  Our lives are changed because of the impact Dan made in our lives.
Bible Reading

Going through the New Testament has been both exciting and hard.  It is hard in imagethe fact that we don’t have as much time to study the text and delve deep into the heart of the passages.  However, we are excited because we are coming to the end of our goal and we have our eyes on the finish line, and we have been able to get a bigger picture of what the New Testament is about.  The NT is all about Christ:  1) His Life, death & resurrection.  2) His Apostles starting the Church and how they spread the Gospel through their missionary journeys and their Epistles.  3) How we are to live in light of the Gospel.  4) How Christ will return to defeat sin and it’s master once and for all.  We will also be reigning and ruling with Christ for Eternity, glorifying Him without end or exhaustion.

I cannot believe we have finished the Bible in 10 weeks.  It is imageabsolutely incredible how God has grown me and changed me.  I pray we all go away from this forever changed, that we may live by our convictions seeking to glorify our King forever and ever.

Our last verse in Revelation 22:21 says “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.  Amen”.  What an appropriate verse to end with.  This verse has never meant so much to me, only by God’s grace were we able to be in this program the last 10 weeks experiencing God’s grace everyday.  May we go home with the grace of our Lord Jesus!

Class Time

This week for our class time, we had a conglomeration of teachers and topics.
Pastor Jesse finished up the Old Testament Survey.  Jordan taught on why the Roman Catholic church is different from the truths taught in Scripture.  David Leach came in for an afternoon talking about church administration – basically the ins and outs of how Immanuel Bible Church works – as well as some great points about being a good leader.

College Ministry in VA

On Monday, we had one last trip to George Mason University for the purpose of imageevangelizing on campus.  This was an awesome experience. We prayed for encouraging conversations, and that’s what we got!  As we wrap this time up, we are reminded that it is God who provides the opportunities, God who prepares the heart, God who guides our mouths, and God who cultivates a right response to the gospel.  We praise Him alone for His work on Calvary and His continued work in our hearts.  To Him be all the glory.  Thank you, Jordan, for providing teaching and opportunities for us to be involved with you in the college evangelism ministry!

Evangelism and Personal Reflections

Oh man where do I start?!? These past ten weeks have been the greatest weeks ever! I have learned so much from so many godly people. From the small things,
all the way down to the “nitty gritty”. I think one of the things that I got out of this program was Evangelism. That was probably the biggest things for me to get into and actually use what I had learned. Being able to go to out to  colleges and talk to people about God was one the coolest things for me to experience. I think I have grown more into wanting to reach the lost because after going through all the classes that taught about missions, the end times, etc., you begin to think more about where the lost are going to be going after they die. For me, I have lots of family members that are not believers and it makes me want to tell them about Christ because I want to see them Heaven. So for me, I think one of the things that I want to change in my life is to tell the lost about Christ. To go out and preach the gospel. To give God the Glory.

Wild Times:

These past 10 weeks have been full of fun times together!  From dance parties in

With the Hosts.

With the Hosts.

the mini-van, to mall shopping trips, to visiting the sights in D.C., we’ve laughed a lot together.  Here are a couple of things you could say to the FBI (Foundry Bible Immersion) Agent you know that are sure to bring back some fun memories…

  • Bambi!

  • Chomp

  • Spoons

  • We’ll talk about it later

  • Write that down

  • 12,000 cool points – it’s called research!

This probably makes no sense at the moment, but just give it a try.  Mention the FBI and one of these quotes – you’ll get a funny story 🙂