Foundry Bible Immersion 2017 Week 8 Review

Written by Jadon Bertholf


On 489655D0-FD06-496E-822E-37636F60C9C4Sunday we couldn’t attend morning worship because we were at the foundry retreat.  Jordan taught on Solus Christus (Christ Alone).  His main point was that because of Christ’s exaltation we are supposed to serve Him.  That evening we had Jesse’s sermon on the Reformation.  In celebration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door in Germany, we drank root beer and ate cupcakes.


For our devotional with David Jones we shared our testimonies with each other and had a discussion on Acts 22.  After finishing Ezekiel and Daniel, Steve Holley taught on Old Testament survey.  Then we went evangelizing at George Mason.  I got to talk to an independent candidate for the Virginia gubernatorial election.


1E146424-F199-4FA8-93FD-3EFEB04CB3E2Happy 500th anniversary of the nailing of the 95 theses! (or as you pagans say Halloween).  During Core strength we talked about Acts 5 and how we can spread the gospel thru our actions.  Ryan Francis talked on Matthew 5:8 and explained that pure in heart means the inward presence of what is good.  We read from Hosea to Habakkuk marking a grand total of 42 chapters.  Mr. Holley taught on the historical books going from Joshua to Esther.  Then we got to go to George Pearson (our Reformation teacher) for dinner.


Instead of normally having Alex Vocater to teach us, Bob Hartman gave us a lecture on how to cooperate with God’s will.  We studied thru Matthew 6 and later went thru the poetic writings.


Alex Hairgrove talked about the Holy Spirit’s ministry and how the gifts of the apostles are not given to us because we have the Bible.  We read thru until Matthew 23 and had our final discussion on the major prophets.  That afternoon we went evangelizing at Nova. We got to talk to three Christians surprisingly.  Lexi and Ryan met Kasem, someone me and Eliza talked last week who seemed changed by both conversations.  That night we watched a movie called Luther which displayed his transition from a fearful monk to a firm priest.


We spent most of the day putting together bags for the season of service on Saturday.  The bags consisted of five leaflets and our total amount of bags completed was 2,500.  For dinner, we went to David jones’ (aka the Choirmasters’) house and had a thanksgiving style dinner with his wife and small daughter.


44E81376-8A1F-4749-AF58-19DE18FDCB3DWe spent the morning going around the neighborhood passing out bags with other volunteers.  That afternoon we were able to go to D. C. and look at all the monuments.  First, we walked past the White House, then we walked up to Washington Monument.  Next, we turned and walked past the WW II memorial before passing the reflecting pool on our way to the Lincoln Memorial.  After looking around at the Gettysburg Address and the Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream” speech plaque, we stopped by a gift shop to get some trinkets.  We took a short trip driving by the Supreme court, the Capital building, and the general D. C. area before lastly heading to the Jefferson Memorial.  The Jefferson Memorial had four quotes from both him and documents that he had written.  It was interesting to see that one of the founders of our country put God as the standard of personal freedoms.  That night we went to the Standridge’s house and watched Nacho Libre (a movie of which I am now a fan of).  We also played Picwits (which somehow, I won) and Apples to Apples (which Jordan naturally won).