Foundry Bible Immersion 2017 Week 6 Review

By Eliza Webster
This morning the 3 of us girls had the opportunity to help out in a Sunday school class for 4 and 5 year olds. We enjoyed being with the kids, and it was neat to see such young ones excited to learn about the bible, answer questions and sing songs. We went to the main service and Ryan Francis preached from Romans 4. One of the things he talked about was that God looks at us through a filter, that filter being his own son Jesus. We are still sinful but are covered by Christ’s own perfect righteousness which allows us to come before God with confidence. After the main service we attended The Foundry, which was another good time of fellowship, worship, and teaching.

AFFA4F56-C8E1-4FE2-B47E-B7B0AF436D40This morning we were with David Jones for our devotional we looked at the bible’s book of hymns – Psalms.  We spent time in Psalms looking for songs that we sing today that are based off of a Psalm. It was good to look over them because we are also reading in Psalms. Psalm 93 through Psalm 119 was today’s reading.
For lunch the 3 of us girls got to go out to lunch with the women’s ministry director and her daughter. It was a very nice time. So many people have been so kind and generous to us. I’m very blessed.
This week our class time is with Michael Connor who is the pastor of missions at Immanuel. We were privileged to get to hear from some missionaries from Cuba who are here for a short time. It was amazing to hear all that God is doing in Cuba and how much the church is growing. We spent the rest of the time looking at missions in the Old Testament.
The focus of the Old Testament was that the nations were to come and see God’s people, the place where God dwelled and to see God’s glory there. We headed to Gorge Mason this evening to evangelize. We had a lot of very good conversation with the students there. Some discouraging and others encouraging. But we are always being reminded that it is God who does the work in their hearts. Then we went to FCA. It was probably the biggest group so far. There was a special speaker there who is a volunteer with Cru. He taught from Galatians 5.
245F132F-3195-4722-B007-FBD7B32E4BC6The guys got up bright and early this morning to attend Core Strength we joined them at the church around 9:00 to have our devotional with Ryan Francis. We looked at Matthew 5:6 and then began our reading. We have finished the Psalms and are into Proverbs now. In our class time with Pastor Connor we looked at The Mission of Jesus mostly in the book of Mathew.
The New Testament mission focuses on having the church going and telling other nations.
The 5 of us and Jordan got to go serve dinner at the Central Union Mission for homeless people. It was a neat opportunity and a new experience for me. After that Lexi, Micalah, and I went to the Standridge’s house for the girls college bible study. We watched a video on the truthfulness of God by Steven Lawson.
On Wednesdays we have our devotional with Alex Vocature. We looked at Romans 2:12-29. He was encouraging us to not be lukewarm christians who know God’s word but don’t live it out but rather be christians who know God’s word and do as it says in our words and actions. We finished Proverbs and then went out to lunch with Pastor Conner. In today’s class we looked at missions in the book of Acts. We saw Jesus’ mission being carried out and the apostles going to the nations and telling them the good news. “Then to the Gentiles also God has granted repentance that leads to life.” Acts 11:18
We went to the Holly’s house for dinner tonight. We had a very nice time. It has been such a blessing to have all these kind families invite us into their home, feed us delicious food and then encourage and pray for us.
For our devotional we had it with Diana Warden who is the director of the children’s ministry. We spent some time thinking of those who had influenced our lives and then thinking on what we are going to do after this program so that we will not slack in our time with God. She shared with us what she does for her devotions, which was helpful.
Our reading for today was Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and the first 7 chapters of Isaiah.
We were with Juan Ancalle for our class. He is the Pastor of Hispanic Ministries at Immanuel. We looked in the Old and New Testament at God’s kingdom and then he tied it with missions. Some day missions will end but God’s kingdom will last forever. He asked us how God’s kingdom effects our lives and what are we doing to further his kingdom.
We headed to a near by college called NOVA to evangelize. We were able to share the gospel several times with some of students there. On Thursdays we have the college bible study at Immanuel. Jordan taught from 1 Peter 1:22-25. He shared with us 3 miracles that the Bible does in our life.
53235D6C-E2A4-49A5-A5E0-49AA8D4714CEOur scheduled was changed a little today. We did our reading of Isaiah 8-34 first, and then for our devotional we watched a video on presuppositional apologetics. It was a lot to take in. The big question is how do we know what is truth. Either we have to know everything there is to know or have truth revealed to us by someone who is all knowing, which we know the second to be true. So to know what is truth we must know God.
Juan Ancalle had class with us again today. We looked briefly at revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, and illumination, and then spent the rest of the class looking at the kingdom God with a Latin-American perspective. We watched Jordan’s kids tonight so that he and Jenny could go out on a date. We had a fun time making their kids supper, playing with them and then getting them to bed.
At 6:30 am we arrived at Jordans house to go to a GAMA conference in Maryland. The theme of the conference was faith, so all of the sessions looked at different aspects and areas of that topic. It was very good, and a lot of information to take in. One of my favorite sessions was on prayer by faith. It was good to be reminded that when we pray we can’t have our faith in our faith. It is not my faith that has power but the one who my faith is in is the powerful one who can answer prayer.