Foundry Bible Immersion 2017 Week 4 Review

Written by Jadon Berkhof


Sundays are a lot of fun.  First, we had worship during the main service.  David Jones led the choir and orchestra.  Jesse Johnson taught on the five “Solas” of the Reformation.  Sola Gratia: grace alone.  Sola Fide: faith alone.  Solus Christus: Christ alone.  Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone.  Soli Deo Gloria: to God alone be the glory. The main point of the sermon was the importance of salvation not being earned by merit.  After the main service, we had The Foundry which is the young adult Sunday School.  Alex Hairgrove taught on Luke 10:25-28 and showed how a man cannot obtain perfection.  After church, we had lunch with the Blackwell’s and got to know how they came to the area.  That evening we had the treat of going to church concert which included people from both Immanuel and a few others across the country.  I was truly amazed to join with so many people in corporate worship.  As a bonus, I got to take a picture with a House Representative.


            Usually, we have an hour of morning devotionals, but David Jones was understandably tired from his work the previous night.  So, we read our Bible at home starting in 1 Kings chapter 13.  For week Four we were studying the Reformation with George Pearson.  We got to look at the buildup to Reformation focusing on John Wycliffe and John Huss.  Later we went evangelizing at George Mason University.  I got to some interesting people.  One person cursed at us in Hindi but we enjoyed it none the less.  After that, we went to the F. C. A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting.


On Tuesday mornings, I and Lance get up before dawn to go to CORE strength at 6:00 am.  CORE consists of a lot of men some of which have military jobs hence the early hour.  We talked about cessationism and discussed the ending of spiritual gifts being used that were given at Pentecost.  Then we had our devotional with Ryan Francis.  Ryan talked about the “mournful that are comforted” in the Beatitudes.  He talked about how we are saddened by sin yet rejoice in Christ.  After finishing 2 Kings, we learned about Martin Luther and turning to salvation by faith alone (Sola Fide).  That evening we had dinner with our friend and intern at the church Ryan Morris at Chic-Fil-A.


            Thankfully on Wednesday, we had Alex Vocacher with us.  Alex is a professional cliff jumper who recently had an accident and nearly died.  He talked about his experience and how (now that he is retired) God doesn’t always use you the way you want him to.  After finishing 1 Chronicles, we got meet the head of the women’s ministry.  She talked a lot about what they do and how they interact with women in the church.  We also went to “NOVA” the Northern Virginia community college.   I got to meet a Bahai person got to know his beliefs.  That night we got to meet the Joyce’s.  Apparently, Mr. Joyce was the pilot in the scene in Top Gun where the plane is taking off right next to the motorcycle.  Mr. Joyce will be teaching us next week.


Alex Hairgrove teaches us on Thursday mornings.  This Thursday, he taught us on how to pray using the A. C. T. S. model.  We delved most of the way into 2 Chronicles and later we talked about John Calvin.  Calvin had a big influence on the town of Geneva and wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion.  That night we had bible study with the college group at the church and talked about how sin affects those around us.


We finished 2 Chronicles and Ezra and got to talk about the effect of the British reformation and how that led to the Pilgrims.  Our main point of interest was how Henry the VIII and his line of succession shaped the attitude of England.  Later we had dinner at the Benson’s and discussed church membership.  That night we watched Spiderman Homecoming at the Pinkston’s where the girls are staying before going to bed.


Saturday, we got rest and relax for a bit before doing some errands and getting some white T-shirts at Target for our job ushering at the Tim Hawkins concert. It was fun to see a Christian comedian perform and both not be crude and be genuinely funny.