Foundry Bible Immersion 2016 Week 7 Review

By Scott Stroud

ESV Psalm 139:7

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?

img_6159As it would seem, the trend continues. The weeks go by so fast that it is hard to keep track of them, but it is at that time at the end of week – in this case, week 7 – that we count down closer to when we must inevitably say our goodbye.

But, rather than talking about goodbyes you would prefer to hear about our week. In the beginning of the week we had David Jones teaching us on “The 4 Ways Jesus Demonstrated True Worship”. Those ways are that: Jesus taught by example, submission, and worshipping through prayer and song. We also went through the 8 principles of worship. In our reading that day we read from Isaiah 35 to Jeremiah 4. In the afternoon we had our first class with Steve Holley in which we did an overview of the Pentateuch. Furthermore, we went evangelizing at George Mason university. We then went to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in which David Standridge preached on Philippians’s 3:7-9.

Then on Tuesday morning the boys went to Core Strength and we talked about the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God. Later that morning we had Ryan Francis lead our devotion on the beatitude of being merciful. Additionally, he went through the story of the prodigal son and showed us how the father of the son was being merciful to the son when the son returned to the father. Moreover, in our reading we read from Jeremiah 4 to Jeremiah 25. Then we had class with Steve Holley in which we talked about the Historic books of the Old Testament, which are about the rise and fall of Judges and Kings. Later that night we went to David and Jena Jones’ house with Alex and Christy Vocature, where we had great food, fun and fellowship, which included playing games and telling each other their stories.

img_6158In addition on Wednesday due to the late night on Tuesday night we had no devotion. With our reading we read from Jeremiah 26 to Jeremiah 52. In class with Steve Holley we discussed the poetic books. Then we went evangelizing at NOVA campus in which we got time to spend evangelizing to a group of people at the end. Furthermore, we went to Mr. and Mrs. Fowler’s getting to spend time with them discussing their past and applying it to our future.

On this brisk fall Thursday morning we had Alex Hairgrove lead our devotion in Lamentation in how God’s steadfast love will still be with his people even when it seems like all is lost. Furthermore, we read Lamentation and Ezekiel 1-17. Moreover, in class with Steve Holley we went through the major prophets and how the prophecies that they prophesied about Jesus and how all of them came true. Later that night we went to the Foundry in which we watched the movie Luther due to Reformation Day on October 31.

img_6157Last Friday morning for devotion we had Jordan Standridge teaching us on the 4 essentials to follow before confrontation. In our readings we read from Ezekiel 18-37. Then we had our final class with Steve Holley in which we did an overview of the minor prophets. Later that day the group of younger people called the Foundry went to Middleburg, Virginia for a retreat. Worship was lead By Alex Hairgrove and Curtis Homan. The fist of six sessions was preached by Alex Hairgrove on Why Spiritual Diciplines. This was followed by a fire and s’mores.

img_6161After a wonderful night we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and more sessions on Reading the bible and Memorization by Pastor Jesse Johnson. Also, Prayer by Ryan Francis. Then Evangelism by Drew Henricks. Next we had Ben Hayes teach on Service In The Church. Throughout the day we all had fun and played games and had time to fellowship with other believers.

img_6162Unfortunately, the retreat had to come to a close, but not without appropriate message from Jordan Standridge. He encouraged us with Hebrews 10:24-25; to participate and serve in the church because everyone suffers if we don’t. On Sunday night we heard Pastor Jesse Johnson preach on 1 kings 6-7. The text described how the temple for God was built and that an omnipresent God dwelt in a temple made with sinful human hands.

Furthermore, all of the students at the Foundry Bible Immersion would like to thank every body for all of the warm welcomes over the past week. We would also like to thank all of the people who helped out with the retreat in Middleburg Virginia. We all had a blast. Thank You.