Foundry Bible Immersion 2016 Week 3 Review

Written by Ryle Cameron

img_5870img_5871It’s hard to believe, but week three has just passed us by. As an English (nerd) major, I couldn’t resist sharing a short rhyming couplet by Richard Pigot: “Improve time in time, while the time does last; for all time is no time, when the time is passed.”

img_5866Make of that what you will. I can’t remember where I first read that, though it was probably from Tim Challies’ blog; but, I digress.

Week three saw us shift our focus from missions to evangelism and apologetics. We watched 4 films, ranging in topic from presuppositional apologetics to abortion, before discussing their content and method. We continued to take what we are learning onto the nearby campuses, even skipping class on Wednesday to get to NOVA earlier.

img_5867The Lord continues to use it as a way to challenge us and grow our faith in him; when asked what the most challenging aspect of the course was so far by this week’s teacher, David Standridge (Jordan’s dad; the name gave it away, I know), many of us said evangelism. If you would, please pray that we continue to grow in faith, boldness and humility as we share the gospel!

img_5865Highlights from the week include, somewhat chronologically: experiencing Nutter Butter cookies for the first time; meeting an actual F.B.I. Agent (we don’t have either of those things in Canada, believe it or not); helping in various ways at a gala dinner for the Assist Pregnancy Center; Men’s groups early Tuesday morning and late Tuesday night; the hospitality of the Wardens, the Parshleys, and the Parks; attending a Muslim-outreach seminar; and attending a massive, 280ish-strong-choir concert, with accompanying orchestra.

Boom, roasted. I bet you’re pretty jealous, and you should be.

My final words: Go Jays go!