Foundry Bible Immersion 2016 Week 2 Recap

Foundry Bible Immersion 2016 Week 2 Recap

By Kathleen Pena

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

Psalm 51:12

Scripture Reading

This week we read through Leviticus 6 – Joshua 5, in total 96 chapters to read through in approximately 5 days.  Throughout the week we each found our Bible reading spots throughout the area of Matthew’s Place, from inside the garage to the table on the deck to even on a log in the woods. Each of us found a place to escape into the wilderness and truly immerse ourselves into God’s Word.

Class subject of the week: Missions

For the first three days of week 2 we had class led by Pastor Michael Connor. My personal favorite class was the third day with him when he spoke about persecution. He really put into perspective of the persecution that all Christians, all over the world are facing. It’s easy to find a church on every block here near the nation’s capital, but in places like India or China, churches are harder to come by than the plague. The last two days of our mission’s week was with Pastor Juan Ancalle. He spoke with us about how our view of the Kingdom of Heaven can affect how we evangelize during missions.






With Pastor Michael Connor






With Pastor Juan Ancalle


On Sunday we had a lovely lunch with the Pinkley’s! Afterwards we got to play some ball and in the creek!








Shout out to all the families that hosted us for dinner this past week:

The Good’s, Hairgrove’s, and the Hartman’s families for opening up your homes to us! All the food was amazing and so heartfelt J We all had grand time hanging out all of you and getting to know all the families!

Saturday’s Adventure: Great Falls!

Each Saturday throughout these intense 10 weeks, we have a day off. This week we decided to take our day off at Great Falls National Park! The day seemed bleak at first but later in the day picked up later in the day, God decided to shed some light on our glum day .











Highlights of week:


  • In class with Pastor Michael Connor; seeing God’s sovereignty and his passion for missions
    “felt a call to a more lasting mission field…Africa or South America.”
  • Hanging out on Saturday, Great falls, becoming more like a family
  • Devotional with Jordan on what to look for in a Christian spouse.


  • Spending time together hiking!
  • Devotional with Alex Vocature, being able to share our testimonies with one another!



  • Seeing God’s sovereign character through reading the Bible (Genesis through Deuteronomy); seeing God’s plan working throughout his Word.
  • “Having my mind blown through systematic theology”, in both Pastor Alex Hairgrove’s Systematic Theology Class this past Saturday and throughout our several Bible readings throughout the week.


  • Devotional with Pastor David Jones, speaking about worship and how Abraham would worship right after God revealed himself to him.
  • Enjoyed making a timeline through all the genealogies from Creation to the 40 years in the wilderness


  • Dinner at the Hartman’s; talking with Pastor Bob. Enjoyed meeting someone in the States that appreciates Tim Horton’s as much as he does. (It’s a Canadian thing)
  • Pastor Alex Hairgrove’s Systematic Theology class – “presented well & fairly”



  • Pastor Alex Hairgrove’s message at the Foundry – last part in the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Reading through Deuteronomy after Pastor Alex Hairgrove’s devotional on Thursday, because he gave us the bigger picture on the book before we read it!



  • Devotional with Alex Vocature, giving the change to share our Testimonies with one another
  • Mikaila helping me with the creation of a wreath for my grandfather’s funeral ceremony, making it from scratch! (Yes the flowers are REAL)

So I don’t know what else to say…but they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s your book

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