Found Bible Immersion 2017 Week 2 Review

By Lance Brien
IMG_8732I can hardly believe it’s already week 2  of the Foundry Bible Immersion (FBI) here at Immanuel Bible Church (IBC)! With several of my friends having gone through the program, I’ve been hyped up for FBI a good while now; and now it’s  flying by! Thankfully though, I’ve been retaining most of the wisdom, knowledge, and information my classmates and I have been receiving.
Perhaps receiving is too gentle a word. At the pace we are going, FBI is similar to a race, more specifically, a baton race. We are running a solid pace right now, from our host family homes to church, from devotional to lesson, from lesson to sermon, from church to a college campus, from a college campus to a volunteer family’s  home, and finally back to our host family, all in one day. And along the race, at each of these places, we are handed a baton. A baton made of such good knowledge and wisdom it might as well be made of gold. Before long, another baton is handed to you, yet you don’t let go of the first. Then, another is given, and another, and another, and another; and before long you have dozen batons and still running at the same pace at which you started.
So what batons did I receive this week? I’m glad you asked.

IMG_8674Our class this week was “How to Study the Bible” led by Mr. Bob Hartman. This is one of the subjects I’ve been looking forward to most, because it’s crucial that we understand God’s Word. Many people that I know don’t properly grasp that application, while a critical part of a Bible study, is not interpretation.  Mr. Hartman reminded me of some principles like this and taught me on many more. From how we got the Bible to what it is about to how we can see elements of the Gospel throughout Scripture. We touched on Hermeneutics, the doctrine of election, and the timeline of life from creation to the present day. All this and more, we were taught in one week. I look forward to implementing these skills during next week lesson.
IMG_8698Our devotionals each morning have also been rich in wisdom, each in there own way. Monday’s devotional with Mr. Jones is all about worship and how every aspect of our lives should be directed toward glorifying God. Tuesdays we are taught by Ryan Francis, who’s in charge IBC’s student ministries. With him, we’re going through the Beatitudes; how they were received back then and how we can apply His teaching now. On Wednesday, we get a relaxing session with Alex Vocature, Immanuel’s middle school teacher, where the lesson is short and the application is simple: we are saved by grace through faith, not by our own works. Thursday, though, was little bit different; as we were dunked into the lavish doctrine of election and reprobation. Our teacher, Alex Hairgrove, came fully prepared for a week long class, but was able fit all of the content into a single hour.
I’m thankful for all of these teachers and what we have already learned from them, but I look forward to what knowledge they will bring to us in the coming weeks.  Please, pray for them, that God will give them wisdom and clarity. Please, pray for us, that God will soften our hearts to His Word and His Will.
Lance Brien