Daily Surrender (November 9, 2015)

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Embracing Christian Celebrities Should our born-again celebrity brothers and sisters make it through the vetting process, let’s make sure that we are more enamored with Jesus than with Hollywood stars. After all, we are Christians, not groupies.

Why Have we Stopped Protecting our Daughters? My heart is breaking for our younger generation of girls. I’m aware that it is likely that I will receive negative reactions from my readers, however I feel the need to speak out. Please do not confuse my thoughts as snooty legalism or me thinking I have all the answers~ it is that I care deeply about our young girls.

Atheist: Okay to Disparage Christians, But Islam Off-Limits Because… In America, the secularists scream loudly anytime someone practices their Christian faith in public.  Yet, these same atheists are strangely silent when it comes to speaking out about all of the human rights atrocities perpetrated by radical Muslims in the world.Why is that?  CNS News has the answer:

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