Daily Surrender (November 30, 2015)

Daily Surrender (November 30, 2015)

Here’s your daily dose of blog posts, inspirational quotes and a video, that will help you think more Biblically and challenge you to surrender daily to your Savior.

Officer Swasey’s last sermon, The sin of insecurity, Making much of baptism, the Advent of Christ and more…

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The Advent of Christ If we were to list the biblical texts that are most frequently read and preached on during the Christmas season, we would not likely include today’s passage. After all, it contains no story of the birth of Christ or details about His mother, Mary, or His adoptive father, Joseph. Still, Romans 1:1–7includes key information about our Lord’s first advent, information that helps us remember His significance in the plan of God.

The Sin of Insecurity Paul tells us to abandon finding our worth in anything other than Christ and his redemptive work on our behalf. Privately cycling through another round of self-derision cannot be compared to abandoning ourselves to the service of others. The weariness of continual grumbling cannot be compared to the gain of godly contentment. The fickle admiration of people cannot be compared to the hearty approval of the Almighty. The wobbly confidence we maintain in ourselves cannot be compared to the surpassing worth of confidence in Christ.

Swasey’s Last Sermon Let’s pray for Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs, pray for officer Swasey’s beautiful family. And may we all learn from pastor Swasey, to value life knowing it is God who gives it. To be courageous in life, to have our eyes fixed on Heaven and to implore those around us to understand life is short, and that today is the day of salvation!

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Many have been asking and talking about baptism recently. I encourage you to obey Christ and be baptised!