Daily Surrender (December 30, 2015)

Daily Surrender (December 30, 2015)

Here’s your daily dose of blog posts, inspirational quotes and a video, that will help you think more Biblically and challenge you to surrender daily to your Savior.

Bracing ourselves for a new year, Being like Christ is what matters most, memorize scripture and more…

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Sanctification & Bracing Ourselves for a New Year Without knowing what the future holds, we can safely say that there is one thing we will need for 2016: godliness. To stably and safely weather all of the we’re-not-in-heaven-yet things coming from this new year, we will need a high dose of christlikeness and, if you’re like me, and increase thereof. So, sanctification should be a dear friend as we turn a calendar year (and as we enter each day, for that matter).

Are we using our memory for the glory of God? The funny thing is, we will memorize that which is important to us. It’s really unavoidable. Almost automatically, we’ll remember the names and positions of our favorite football players, the phone numbers of our loved ones, the punchlines in our favourite movies, or the intro spiel to our favorite television show (How many of you guys my age remember the intro to The A-Team? “In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit…”). What we remember reveals what we truly value.

5 Things You Can Give to God Every Day The heart of productivity is glorifying God by serving others. It is carefully and deliberately considering the things God calls us to do, and deploying all that we’ve got for his glory and the good of people made in his image. It is giving back to him what he has entrusted to each one of us To that end, here are five things you can give to God every day.

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Jerry Wragg pastor at Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, Florida, preached a sermon last Sunday entitled Being Like Christ Is What Matters Most I highly recommend listening to it.


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    Sanctification vs culture is a big issue in our lives. We have to decided one or other.
    Memorize the Scriptures is the best to teach our children as early they will learn they will be stronger in their character.
    Serving others is the model of our Lord JesusChrist, that is another issue in our culture, because of other value we have to be self reliance, what is the biblical point in serving others?
    Three good points to have as goals for 2016, I like them, thanks.
    Blessings, see you next year

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