Daily Surrender (December 28, 2015)

Daily Surrender (December 28, 2015)

Here’s your daily dose of blog posts, inspirational quotes and a video, that will help you think more Biblically and challenge you to surrender daily to your Savior.

Is It ok to kill a person seeking to rape my wife? Can Women be preachers? advice on etiquette and manners and more…

Tid Bits of Etiquette and Manners for all Glenda Hotton wrote this article about etiquette and manners. She says, “As I became exposed to etiquette and manners I was so excited. I really enjoyed learning about acting “proper.” I began to apply what I was learning. When my daughters were small I made sure they knew how to behave socially. Each child is different and some enjoyed it more than others but when they needed it they had it. I enjoyed watching my girls grow up to be lovely ladies.”

I Beg To Differ, Brother Piper it is common for Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:39 to be cited in this context, as if “resisting the evil” (and there is a question as to whether this means the evildoer, or evil as a whole) means the Christian is to do nothing about personal attack. But if the context is that of being slapped, this speaks of insult and abuse. That is not the same context as a man seeking to rape my wife or daughter or to take my life.

Bible Translations and the Democracy of the Dead While I probably disagree with using too many translations, since there are a few on this list I would say have major issues in them. I tend to agree with the concept of using a few in study, but memorizing everything and becoming very familiar with one Bible.

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This answer is very helpful, because it addresses pretty much any other issue in the church as well. Just because I feel like doing something doesn’t mean I should.


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