Black Friday And The Hole in The Heart of Man

Black Friday And The Hole in The Heart of Man

Each year on Black Friday I am shocked by the reports I hear of. People waiting in lines for Black Fridayhours and sometimes days, in order to save a hundred dollars on a television that is going to be old news in a year. People doing prank videos acting like they are cutting in line knowing they will get incredible reactions from the people they cut. You also hear about fights, attempted robberies, crazy threats against workers, etc…

I once heard that teams went out of their way to speak well of Michael Jordan knowing that the tiniest slight against him would be used by Jordan as motivation to absolutely destroy them the next time he played them. We also should be always looking for motivations to be more eternally minded and Black Friday presents us with an easy one each year. I am reminded about the condition of my heart and the Desperate need I have to live for Christ. I am also reminded about the fact that I live in a world full of souls running towards hell. They like I do, have a throne on their heart, where they will only be saved by putting God on it, but not only that putting Him on the throne is the only way that they will experience true happiness, and yet from birth they have placed themselves on it and continually pursue pleasure that can only bring what foolstemporary happiness. I am reminded of what Thomas Watson said in describing the unsaved of his day.

“What fools are they who, for a drop of pleasure, drink a sea of wrath.”

The only one who can satisfy is Christ. And the only one that can bring joy to my heart and those around me is the one who promised 2000 years ago to the Samaritan lady that he could give her eternal water, and that the water if sipped, would make someone never need to drink again.

Do you know this Jesus? Are you satisfied in Him? Do you seek pleasure anywhere else?How foolish it is to seek pleasure in fleeting things when the one who has defeated death offers you eternal peace!